Exterior Columns

Exterior Columns

Columns are the distinguishing mark on a home's exterior.

They are the focal point of the traditional American front porch, where we welcome friends and family into our home.

It's the place where we go to escape the stress of daily life and take the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy life. The last thing you want to worry about is the work required to keep your porch beautiful, and that's where Indiana Windows and Doors can offer you the solution of a lifetime.

Indiana Windows and Doors offers a wide variety of porch products to help you create the design that best suits your way of life. Best of all, many of the products we offer require little or no maintenance and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We carry the following beautifully crafted brands:

Product Line

Fiberglass & Wood Columns
Aluminum Colums
PVC Column Wraps
Porch Railing
Porch Posts
Porch Ceiling Panels
Balustrade Systems


HB&G Square Perma Cast Exterior Columns
HB&G Perma Lite Exterior Columns
Columnpost Exterior Columns
Columnpost Exterior Columns
Superior Aluminum Exterior Columns
Superior Aluminum Porch Box